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People. Hello. Is anyone out there?

 Because...uh..my flist used to have like a billion hits every day. And now...it's dead. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF YOU IN MY ABSENCE?????

Don't worry. I will find you.

Just an update on stuff.

Twitter: @SPNWisc
Other twitter which used to be my main...but I don't use it anymore but can't give it up: @lyralynx

Probably shouldn't be putting this here, but just in case you need to know
Tumblr: iblamejaredpadalecki.tumblr.com
Other Tumblr: lyralynx.tumblr.com
Supernatural Conventions Tumblr: spncon.tumblr.com
Supernatural Conventions Blogger: spncon.blogspot.com
Personal Blog: lyralynx.blogspot.com
Feel free to follow me or not. Whatever.

FLIST is 99.9% Doctor Who related...

...good job guys! lol I'm bored as all hell. So I need to clean out my desk at work. Now I'm not getting fired, in fact, I've been promoted to the primary receptionist. So that means only having one desk to work at. Not a temp front desk and my perma desk back in Marketing.-------omg. There is an ad next to this stuff for the new movie Leap Year. DAMN MATTHEW GOODE WHY YOU GOTTA LOOK SO DAMN GOODE?????? Road trips involving him never end up good for the other guy. First Mandy Moore, now Amy Adams!-----------------------------

So now I'm the Receptionist...THE Receptionist...THE DEAN...oh yeah.

I am also very cold and can no longer wear Jeans to work. BooFace!

I'm working on a road trip. A Two Year Road Trip...non-consecutive. I'm thinking of splitting half into next year and the second half in two years from now. Because I know that I'd never be able to raise the kind of money we need for this. So if you are interested....and live in any of the places I am visiting, please let me know. I would love for you to show me a good time...in your city/state/township...that sounded dirty on purpose...I tend to do things like that on occasion...rarely...but sometimes...this sentence is awfully long...I wonder how long I can keep it going...that seems like enough...ON TO THE LOCATIONS.

Road Trip LocalsCollapse )




So we are having a Supernatural Trivia Contest over at our site twitter @SPNWisc It lasts until 12/26 @midnight. For info on the contest go here!!!

We're looking forward to giving away a super awesome prize that I really want to keep for myself but clearly can't!!! lol


OKay....I have this idea.

I know that I'll be in school for like the next 6 years getting Culinary Arts and Baking Production stuffs...
But what if in between the time I start being all bake-y and stuff, I become a Booking Agent? Hmm??? I think that would be possible. I think it would be.

I think I'm going to try and get a job at The Rave. Yeah. I think that would be a good idea. I mean yeah. I'm not really sure. I'm all crazy and obsessive right now and I can't focus. But I really need to focus on these tests I'm going to be taking!!! WTF. omg.

Anyways, it would be cool to be a Booking Agent. Really cool.

I've got to think about some stuff first...though. I need help. Will you help me?

Just a quick...

I got it. I know now. You suck. But it's gonna be awesome. Oh yeah. And as soon as I download something, make some more things, and take a picture...I can get started. Oh yeah!




I'm not sure what to do. I have to decide what to do when it comes to this Baking Degree. I'm not sure! I could try and do the Kendall College with their awesomely intense Baking Degree, or I could do the MATC Culinary Arts AAS Degree then get the Baking Production degree which in total would be like 3 years. Well...it would be less, cause I'd have the GEN ED Creds taken care of.

I'm not sure. I need help. Someone help me.

On a lite..r note, thehaplessmoon would you like to do that picture thing we talked about? I'm kind of interested now. :)


Oh dude. I just checked Creation's Website, and Gold Chicago is now available. Fuck. I would have my money right now, but you know, I had to pay SOME bills this month.

Anyways, I want to get them ASAP! My checks have been pretty damn good...which is weird. But ok.

Right now they only have Gold available, soon they'll unleash Silver! And then Preferred. If we could get Gold, I would so go for it. But if not, then Silver all the way.

Clearly I'm obsessing. UGH!!!!!

I just need something SUPER DAMN POSITIVELY SUPER DAMN AWESOME to get me through this next semester. It's going to be one tough bitch. Ugh. Thank god I have Zach in 3/5 of my classes. Phew. Otherwise that would suck.

Erin's Party tonight. Can't wait. Slept like a baby...sort of. I kept waking up cause I left the tv on, but I never actually turned it off.....

No work tomorrow, but I do have Group tomorrow. Not sure what time we're supposed to meet at Panera. But yeah.

Oh yeah...So I'm not going to spend any of my money on anything besides Thanksgiving prep stuff, Gas, and...thats it. Cause clearly I'll be paying a boat load of money for Chicago...School books...Christmas...yeah. Thank goodness my classes are really split up, so I don't need to buy$ 1000 worth of books all at once. Yeah...they WOULD be that much! But I buy cheap books, not new fuckers.

Okay...well I'm going to wait for people to call so I can do my job...and I'll be listening to my playlist on blip.fm Oh yeah...and probably just wandering around the interwebs. thehaplessmoon I forgot what I was going to say. Something important. Um...just call me.

Voice Post

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So if you don't already know...

...I am going to the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Chicago with thehaplessmoon

I am like crazy excited, yo! AH!!!! I'm going to document the whole thing. And I'm going to go crazy and kidnap Jensen and Misha. Yes, I will. lol But yeah. I've never been to a convention before and I can't wait. I've been going nuts since I heard about it and subsequently bought the tickets like 6 months ago. lol

Ah. I don't even know what to do anymore. I'm excited. But I need to do laundry. I have to go the laundromat case apparently the dryer doesn't work. Boo.

Yeah. Just mini updating for yall.

Until next time........

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